Friday, August 3, 2012

Promoting Your Business With Instagram

Hey everyone; I’ve got a guest post for you today about the latest successful addition to the world of social media—Instagram. As authors of the eBook-era know, participation in social media sites sells books. We all knew the luxury of recluse-living would come to an end, and now that it’s upon us, what can we do but throw ourselves into it wholeheartedly? We must, and our guest blogger has some great advice on how to build a following and a customer-base (a reader-base), with Instagram.

Instagram is an app that most of us are familiar with by now, and with such a rapidly expanding international user base, it’s no wonder why.  This app deals with photography—a popular form of media in nearly every culture—and allows its users to add a variety of interesting special effects to their images before sharing them with followers.

This app can be much more than another novelty app, though. It can be a tool for promoting your business. Big brand names have already begun realizing this and utilize the power of Instagram as a mechanism for public relations and to give their brand name increased exposure. Below are just a few ideas to increase your customer-base through Instagram:

Promote an Upcoming Event
Use the sharing power of social media to encourage attendance. Share photos of the planning and set-up process. Get them involved in the event before it even happens! And by inviting users to upload and share photos taken during the event (with hashtags, connecting them to your company profile), you will immediately instigate conversation, target new audiences, and spread the word about your brand.

Create a Photo Competition
Encourage your followers to send in entries in the hopes of winning a prize. Providing you make the prize appealing enough, you can expect a good response, particularly as users share their entries through other social media outlets. Responding to as many entries as possible will also encourage more users to participate and help spread the word. If done right, this could seriously increase your number of potential customers.

Share Insight
Give your followers (your potential customers) a look into what happens behind the scenes in your business. Many businesses have already begun taking advantage of this concept and post photos from inside their offices. This demonstrates how their businesses run by showing the day to day operations, how particular tasks are dealt with, and how products or services are produced. Such photos can give followers insight into the way your business operates, allowing them to make a more personal connection with your brand.

Word spreads quickly in social media, because social media sites—like Instagram—are important to the public, to your customers, and should therefore be important to you and your business.

There were a little over 15 million users of Instagram at the beginning of 2012 and that number has already exploded to over 80 million within just six months. People love sharing photos—and that’s a fact. And because Instagram and other forms of social media are the most popular ways of doing this, smart businesses will take advantage of it. Will yours be one of them?

Check out the Instagram app and see what it can do for your business today.

Steve writes for – a website designed to help increase your Instagram Likes or Instagram following.

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